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8077 Highway 178
Byhalia MS 38611

P.O. Box 667
Byhalia MS 38611

Fraud Prevention

The Citizens Bank web page should always be accessed by typing or by using a shortcut that directly points the web browser to: Our web page should never be accessed by linking through a third party. Citizens Bank will never send e-mail messages that request confidential information from you. If you should receive e-mail requesting information such as pins, passwords, or Social Security number, please contact us as soon as possible. Citizens Bank will never send out e-mails updating account information or to obtain any personal information.

Basic Security

  • Control access to your computer at home
  • If you walk away from your computer, log off or lock your workstation
  • Select passwords that contain alphanumeric and numeric letters
  • Memorize your password and never give it out to anyone

Virus Management

  • Install anti-virus software on your computer
  • Keep it up to date
  • Be careful when using Java or Active E applets because they can contain unsecured data.
  • Be careful when opening e-mail from unknown sources and look carefully before opening attachments. When in doubt, delete without opening.
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